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The Fighters Source® Mission

Fighters Source® is designed to be the “NCAA” of MMA. By cultivating the best amateur MMA Fighters worldwide. Fighters Source® is focused on developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level. As amateur MMA  evolves toward being an Olympic sport. Fighter Source® will be at the center of this movement, as both a showcase of future professional talent and unifying force for the sport.

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FSL League

the league
Fighters Source The League

Single Promotion
* Have only their network and database to recruit talent.


* Market individual fighters. Fighters get injured, grow old, or retire for personal reasons. Their marketing momentum stops right there, then must be reignited for their next start.


* The matches are handpicked by a matchmaker. Fans never know when they favorite athlete will compete next. They are also in the dark as to who he will fight next. This is difficult for converting casual fans and avid fans.


* Champions of a single promotion hold their title until matchmaker gives them an opponent that can beat them.


* Are never ending, at first this may sound like a good thing, but we assured it is not. Fans enjoy the excitement of a fresh start, the anticipation of a finale, and the time off of their other interest. To put it simple, single promotions flood the market.

A league

* Uses the joint databases of multiple promotions to discover national talent


* Market teams. Teams which are consistent, and can be followed by generations. It is true that the athletes of each team may change, but the team itself remains. The marketing continues to multiply season after season.


* Runs a season and schedule. Fans know when their fighter/teams compete next. They also know who they will be fighting, and where the event takes place. This makes tracking and predicting, simple for the fans.


* By implementing a season, athletes must start from scratch each year. For an athlete to become a three time champ, he must work his way to the title three separate seasons. This creates true champions, and legends


the Difference between a league

and a single promotion is everything

Fighters Source Press
Fighters Source Press
the press

Fighters Source® League 2016 National Finals - CBS Sports Network from San Diego, California

Fighters Source® League 2016 National Semi Finals CBS Sports Network from Rochester NY

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