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The Fighters Source® Mission

Fighters Source® is designed to be the “NCAA” of MMA by cultivating the best amateur MMA fighters worldwide.


Fighters Source® is focused on developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level. As amateur MMA evolves toward being an Olympic sport, Fighters Source® will be at the center of this movement, as both a showcase of future professional talent and unifying force for the sport.


MMA is no different than any of the combat sports in the Olympics. But to keep it growing, there is a need to support and highlight this grass roots movement of athletics as well as create possibilities for world-class elite athletes. In doing so, Fighters Source® will give pro organizations a first look at their future talent.


Becoming an Olympic sport is the ultimate achievement and highest formal recognition possible and Fighters Source® will lead this global campaign for Amateur MMA.

“Becoming an Olympic sport is the ultimate achievement and highest formal recognition possible.”

A Winning Strategy

Fighters Source® International League will provide a worldwide tournament on local, regional, national and international levels commencing with the WORLD CHALLENGE annual event. Fighters Source® is able to do this by licensing promotions organizations in multiple countries working towards a common goal to find their country’s best amateur MMA fighters. Fighters Source® will work together with gyms and promotions in multiple states and regions to ensure their star fighter will showcase their skills against the best in the world.


By organizing and promoting a series of tournaments highlighting the best fighters from a specific market/city, Fighters Source® has added a new dimension to MMA; local allegiance. Until now, the sports has relied on the popularity of individual fighters to build a fan base. The Fighters Source® tournament structure puts the best fighters from one city against those of another city, much like football, baseball and other sports, this will build a much stronger and broader appeal and following, since the allegiance is not centered around individual fighters, but instead teams. It’s simply the logical evolution of the sport; one every other major sport has gone through during its lifespan.

“Fighters Source® has added a new dimension to MMA: local alliance.”


A Winning Team

At the center of Fighters Source® is a seasoned management team with the passion it takes to win. By combining their martial arts background with business savvy and insight, the Fighters Source® team is poised to elevate amateur MMA like never before.


Industry Experts

The Fighters Source® League has licensed the best amateur promotions in 8 major markets across the nation. Each of these promotions has created a roster of the top athletes in each of 8 weight classes. The promotions will use their roster to create a league team to compete in the Fighters Source® circuit. By taking the regional, established fan based of multiple promotions and bringing them together for one National movement, you will see passion in MMA like never before.


The league teams are owned by true MMA Professional, these are the veterans of the MMA world. They carry the experience, professionalism, and dedication to the sport that is sure to be a collective force of great influence. Pair that with a structured season, and team uniforms, and MMA has a true league to be put in the ranks of football, basketball, hockey and baseball.

“League teams are owned by
True MMA Professionals”

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